Protect the health of your business.

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GACV UV Light Ring by Güntner
GACV UV Light Ring by Güntner

New CUBIC Vario with integrated UV-C destroys bacteria and viruses

The success of your business depends on the health of your employees. Just one of them falling ill can disrupt productivity and output to your customers.

So it’s important to protect your people from airborne germs.

Kills 99.9% bacteria*

Güntner is committed to helping you make your workplace safer and healthier with our cooling solutions - especially with the new CUBIC Vario with integrated UV-C lighting.

UV-C is a short wave ultraviolet radiation that’s been proven effective in destroying microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, and even viruses.

And that’s exactly what Güntner’s new CUBIC Vario with UV-C does. It disinfects air while cooling it – killing 99.9%* of germs within a few hours.

The COVID-19 virus can also be inactivated by UV light. So your employees can work in a healthier environment.
GACV UV Light Ring by Güntner

Certified Capabilities

Not only does this new CUBIC Vario have HACCP certification from Germany’s safety monitoring agency TÜV SÜD.

It’s also the only air cooler of its type to have been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging, the world’s leading applied research organization.

Every aspect of CUBIC Vario is designed with hygiene in mind:

  • All materials used are certified for use with foodstuffs
  • The edges of the drip tray are angled, preventing dirt from gathering
  • You can access the entire casing, making it very easy to clean
  • The unit is thermal decoupled, which prevents water from condensing on the casing

Customised for your business

No two workplaces are the same, and maintaining hygiene in yours takes a bespoke approach. This is why CUBIC Vario is completely configurable, from its casing to its fan design and refrigerant type. Our technicians will work with you to customise it for your premises.

Trusted since 1931

With 90 years’ experience in refrigeration engineering, we are focused on helping businesses around the world succeed. You can trust Güntner to deliver a product that meets your business’s needs, with support from our attentive team of experts.

GACV UV Light Ring by Güntner

Find out more

To get the full spec of the new CUBIC Vario with UV-C, and find out how we can work with you to protect the health of your business, get in touch.


Why is air disinfection with UV-C lamps a suitable solution for air coolers?

The HIGHGENE system combines air disinfection with air cooling and both functions are fulfilled effectively - there are many studies available that document how UV-C rays inactivate microorganisms. Solutions such as HEPA filters cause high pressure losses at the expense of air cooling whereas the pressure losses through the lamps in our solutions are only minimal. In addition, the filters must be changed more often, which means a lot of work.

In which wavelength ranges are the lamps operated?

The used lamps emit radiation in the range of 254 nm. UV rays are divided into three ranges: Long wave rays (UV-A: 400 - 315 nm), medium wave rays (UV-B: 315 - 280 nm) and short-wave rays (UV-C: 280 - 100nm). The smaller the wavelength, the more energetic the radiation. The strongest germicidal effect is in the range of 250 - 270 nm. In this range the DNA inside the microorganisms is damaged in such a way that reproduction is inhibited.

Do the lamps form ozone?

The lamps used by Güntner do not produce ozone. Ozone only forms at wavelengths below 240 nm. Since our lamps emit wavelengths in the range of 254 nm, there is no danger here. UV-C rays split oxygen molecules into two single atoms. These link with the molecular oxygen in the air to form ozone: O2 + O O3.

Although ozone has a disinfecting property, ozone is classified as hazardous to health above certain doses. The EU Directive 2002/3/EC on the ozone content of the air specifies a target value of maximum 120 μg/m3 for the protection of human health.

Does the UV-C lamps pose a danger to the eyes of employees?

During normal operation of ceiling mounted Güntner air coolers there is no danger to employees. To avoid the danger of direct radiation, the lamps used are equipped with 180° reflectors so that the UV-C radiation only shines in the direction of the fin package. The side facing the working area is protected by the reflectors which removes any danger of direct UV radiation. During inspection and maintenance, the air cooler must be disconnected from the power supply. With direct radiation, UVC rays can generally cause reddening of the skin and painful eye inflammation (conjunctivitis) in humans with an increased radiation dose. The EU recommends not to exceed the specified limits (EU Directive 2006-25-EC) with 6 mJ/cm², or 60 J/m² daily radiation dose (at 254 nm). The visible blue light is merely a by-product of a chemical reaction and does not emit any UV-C rays.

Work safety: What if a lamp breaks?

Should the glass of a lamp break, there is no danger of splintering. The UV-C emitters are covered with a thin Teflon cover, so that no splinters can get onto the stored food.

Replacement lamps can be easily obtained from the Güntner spare parts store.

What is the connected load of the lamps?

The connected loads are very low. The connected load per lamp is about 36 watts.

How do you replace a lamp?

First the air cooler must be disconnected from the power supply. The lamp fastenings can be opened manually. The lamps are taken out of the mountings and the lamps can be easily replaced. The replacement normally does not require the assistance of a service technician.

How long do the lamps last?

The lamps used have a lifetime of approx. 12,000 hours. An absolute lifetime in years depends on the customer's usage time. For example, if the lamps are used 24/7, the end of the lifetime would be reached after about 1.5 years. After that, the UV-C emission is significantly reduced and thus also the inactivation rate. The blue visible light does not emit UV-C rays but is merely the by-product of a chemical process.

Is the product HACCP compliant?

The CUBIC Vario with Güntner HIGHGENE concept including the UV-C lamps are certified by TÜV-Süd regarding HACCP conformity. This means, among other things, that the highest value was placed on Hygienic Design during construction and that the materials are tested as food contact materials according to EC No. 1935/2004.

Does the inactivation rate of 99.9% apply to all bacteria?

No, the inactivation rates for microorganisms vary greatly. Depending on the structure of the microorganism, a higher or lower dose is required. Viruses and bacteria, for example, which have a simpler structure compared to vegetative fungal cells, are easier to inactivate. But also several environmental conditions, such as relative humidity or temperature have influence on the effect of the emitters. If you need to destroy a specific microorganism, please let us know and we will be pleased to advise you.